Teenager Arrested for Times Square Shooting: Details Revealed


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A 15-year-old teenager who was wanted by police in New York after a shooting inside a sports store in Times Square, wounding a tourist, was arrested on Friday. The minor, identified as Jesús Alejandro Rivas, was found in a home in Yonkers where he was with his mother. Police said three men tried to steal merchandise inside the store and two of them were caught. That’s when Jesus allegedly pulled out his gun and fired a shot, wounding a woman in the leg. Then he fled and while trying to escape, he shot at the officers who were following him.

The minor is also being investigated for two more cases. The first occurred in January when a person was reported shooting in the street. Local reports indicated that Jesús tried to flee the city with his mother, for which he was detained without bail because authorities believe he could flee again. Prosecutors asked the judge to send the teenager to prison without bail because “he has significant ties outside the United States” and has only been here “for a short time.” Jesús was charged with two counts of attempted murder, assault, attempted assault and two counts of criminal possession of a gun, police said. The minor was charged as an adult, but will be sent to a juvenile center due to his age, authorities said.

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