Teachers Launch Seven-Day Strike in England and Wales

Teachers in England and Wales to Begin Seven Days of Strikes in February and March Demanding Wages Increase

Around 23,000 schools in England and Wales will be affected by a wave of teachers’ strikes in February and March, according to the National Union of Education (NEU) organizers. This Monday, more than 90% of the union’s members voted in favor of the strikes.

The NEU argued that the salary offers of a 5% raise for current teachers and 8.9% for incoming teachers do not align with an inflation rate soaring above 10%. Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney, joint secretaries general of the NEU, said in a statement that the staff are placed in an “untenable situation” which is leading many to leave the profession.

Education Minister Gillian Keegan expressed that the decision of the strikes was “deeply disappointing” and that it will have a negative effect on students and their wellbeing. School heads in Wales will be joining the walkouts, whereas those from England will not participate.

No school will be subject to more than four days of reduced number of teachers. As of now, the first of these strikes is scheduled for February 1.

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