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Taylor Swift made history in 2023 with her ‘Eras Tour’ film. The 34-year-old singer embarked on an ambitious project, a world tour revisiting some of the most important hits of her career. The shows became a phenomenon both for the attendees and for the entire Internet. Last October, the ‘Karma’ singer released ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’, a tape of almost 3 hours that brought the live concert experience to the big screen. In January 2024, it became the highest-grossing concert documentary in history, surpassing Michael Jackson’s place with ‘This is It’. Swift’s film earned more than $261.6 million worldwide.

However, Hollywood was not happy with ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’. The studios would have been bothered by the voice of ‘Lover’ for this production. The reason why Taylor Swift would have bothered Hollywood studios with a film is the film distribution system. Traditionally, film producers rely on studios so that they are in charge of distributing and promoting the films. In exchange, the studios ensure that the titles reach theaters and take a significant portion of the box office profits.

Taylor Swift decided to play it a different way: instead of hiring a studio, she made a deal directly with AMC, the largest cinema chain in the world, to distribute ‘The Eras Tour’ film. In this way, she cut out the middlemen and made sure she took the lion’s share of the profits (57 percent, according to ‘Puck’ reports).

“She makes profits and is doing this for several reasons. I think the money is great for her, although they really didn’t do it just for that. The goal was to bring it to theaters at a reduced price, so that its fans who could not afford to go to the ‘Eras ​​Tour’ would have the opportunity to see it in theaters,” commented entertainment journalist Matt Belloni in the ‘The Town’ podcast.

On the subject, filmmaker Christopher Nolan commented last October: “Taylor Swift is about to teach the studios a lesson, because her concert film is not distributed by the studios, but by the owner of a movie theater, AMC, and will generate a huge amount of money. And here’s the thing, this is a format (film), this is a way of seeing things and sharing stories or experiences, that is incredibly valuable. And if they don’t want it, someone else will.”

It has been widely rumored that the studios would have been upset with her. Nor has it been ruled out that, in the future, figures with sufficient weight will resort to the same strategy. ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ was released when the Hollywood actors’ strike was still active, for which productions were stopped. This is how Taylor Swift achieved the deal with AMC that would have enraged Hollywood.

According to ‘Puck’, the parents of the voice of ‘You’re Losing Me’ were in charge of reaching an agreement with AMC, as is usually the case with other of her businesses. According to the media report, the singer’s family decided to approach the cinema chain because they could not reach an agreement with the traditional studios. Scott Swift, Taylor’s father, would have secretly meeting “for weeks” with AMC CEO Adam Aron, whom he would have contacted through a mutual friend.

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