Taylor Swift addresses Travis Kelce romance, sets record straight on timeline


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Taylor Swift recently opened up about her relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce. She was honored as Time magazine’s Person of the Year and took the opportunity to talk about their love story. Swift praised Kelce for publicly trying to give her his phone number at a Missouri Eras Tour stop, which led to them hanging out and getting to know each other. She clarified that they were already a couple by the time she attended her first Kansas City Chiefs game in September.

Swift also mentioned that she and Kelce have been proud of each other and supportive in public, and she thinks football is an awesome sport that she has been missing out on her whole life. This is the first time she has publicly mentioned Kelce, although he has spoken about her multiple times and called her a “genius” in a WSJ. magazine profile.

The singer also changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to honor Kelce while performing in Argentina. This is a significant step in their relationship, as it marks the first time Swift has publicly acknowledged Kelce.

Overall, Swift’s comments about her relationship with Kelce show that they are proud of each other and supportive in public. This is a new development in their relationship, and it will be interesting to see how it progresses in the future.

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