Tana Rivera confirms support for her uncle, Cayetano Martinez of Irujo


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The controversial cover of the magazine Lecturas featuring Genoveva Casanova and King Frederick of Denmark walking through the streets of Madrid at night has caused quite a stir. However, it seems that there is one person who has not been aware of the commotion these images have caused: Cayetana Rivera.

Cayetana Rivera, the daughter of Fran Rivera and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, attended a bullfighting awards event in Seville and was asked about the criticism her uncle Cayetano is receiving for defending his ex-wife. Surprisingly, she was not aware of the situation, stating that she doesn’t watch TV and prefers Netflix.

While she may not be up to date with the latest gossip, Cayetana did express her support for her uncle’s defense of Genoveva. She believes that people criticize a lot and doesn’t understand why her uncle is being targeted, expressing that she thinks it’s good that he defends Genoveva, as they have children together and she believes they still care for each other.

Cayetana also mentioned that she has a good relationship with her uncle and his ex-wife, and supports them in all their decisions. She stated that she has no problems with either of them and wishes them the best.

In conclusion, despite not being aware of the controversy surrounding her uncle, Cayetana Rivera expressed her support for him and his ex-wife, emphasizing the importance of defending oneself and maintaining positive relationships.

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