Tamara Gorro on working with Antonio Tejado: “He was very affected, became aggressive”


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Antonio Tejado’s recent entry into prison has left those close to him in shock. He is accused of being part of a criminal gang that targeted luxury homes in Seville and allegedly masterminding the robbery of his aunt María del Monte’s house last August. While they prefer to stay out of the spotlight during this difficult time, they have admitted that they were aware of Antonio’s involvement in criminal activities, which they attribute to his bad company and struggles with alcohol and drug addiction.

Antonio’s problems with addiction were first mentioned in 2019 and have only worsened since then, especially after leaving television. Some media reports even suggest that he was consuming a bottle of whiskey every day. Tamara Gorro, who worked with him on ‘Women, Men and Vice Versa,’ has spoken openly about his addiction issues. She revealed that he would often show signs of impairment and aggression, which affected their working relationship.

In a statement to Europa Press, Tamara expressed her shock at Antonio’s situation and admitted that she had lost touch with him. She also mentioned that while they had good moments together, she never considered him a friend due to his attitude towards people.

Despite their differences, Tamara expressed sympathy for Antonio’s family, particularly María del Monte and Inma Casal, who are going through a tough time. She acknowledged the impact of Antonio’s actions on them and expressed her sorrow for their suffering.

The news of Antonio’s involvement in criminal activities and his struggles with addiction has left those who know him reeling. They are grappling with the reality of his situation and the impact it has had on his family and friends. It is a difficult time for everyone involved, and they are trying to come to terms with the shocking turn of events.

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