Tamara Falcó stays silent amid rumors of crisis with Íñigo Onieva


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The recent rumors of a crisis between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva have been the talk of the town. However, according to those close to the couple, there is no truth to these rumors. In fact, the couple, who will soon celebrate their 7-month anniversary, are as in love and united as ever. While they have chosen not to address the alleged fight that supposedly took place in a restaurant in Madrid, they have made it clear that they do not want to give more attention to the issue.

Despite the couple’s denial of any crisis, there have been some unusual developments, particularly with Tamara. While Íñigo has been busy with his business, working on a hospitality project set to launch this spring, Tamara’s movements have raised some eyebrows. She has been splitting her time between their marital home, a penthouse she purchased in 2020, and her mother’s house, where she has reportedly spent several nights in the past week.

On Monday, Tamara returned to her home with Íñigo, but her demeanor towards the press was noticeably more serious and closed off than usual. She arrived in her new car, which she had not been home to receive when it was delivered, and entered her development’s parking lot without addressing any questions about her marriage. Her elusive behavior made it clear that she had no intention of addressing the rumors of a crisis.

Despite the couple’s insistence that there is no crisis, the speculation continues. Tamara’s recent behavior has only added fuel to the fire, leaving many wondering what is really going on behind the scenes. As the rumors persist, only time will tell the true nature of Tamara and Íñigo’s relationship.

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