Tamara Falcó spends another night apart from Íñigo Onieva after addressing crisis rumors with a plea


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Tamara Falcó is fed up with the rumors and media pressure surrounding her marriage with Íñigo Onieva. She expressed her frustration on ‘El Hormiguero’ and made it clear that she is tired of hearing lies about her and her relationship in the media. She is annoyed with reporters who stand guard at the doors of her house to ask her about her private life, and has even stopped going out to walk her dogs to avoid facing journalists.

Tamara has admitted that the pressure has been overwhelming, and she and her husband just want to lead a semi-normal life. She feels harassed and chased by the media, and finds it very aggressive. She compared her situation to that of a waiter, saying that no one asks a waiter for a portion of squid on the street when they finish work.

Despite her statements against the press, Tamara’s recent actions have raised questions. After finishing ‘El Hormiguero’, she was seen spending the night at her mother’s family residence instead of the penthouse she shares with Íñigo. Although it has been justified that her presence at her mother’s house was due to professional meetings, the timing of her move is striking.

Tamara’s frustration and actions have sparked speculation about the state of her marriage, despite her attempts to settle the rumors. It remains to be seen how she will navigate the media scrutiny and pressure in the future.

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