Talleres President Accuses Rodrigo Villagra of Lying and Earning Little in Rosario


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Talleres’ president had his sights set on Rodrigo Villagra. After the transfer market closed, River Plate signed Villagra, a midfielder from Talleres de Córdoba who put in a lot of effort to join his beloved club. The T’s board of directors expressed their displeasure with the management before Villagra left the club. The president, Andrés Fassi, made some explosive statements about the situation.

Talleres received about 8 million dollars for Villagra’s transfer, but they were not entirely happy with the 22-year-old footballer. Fassi also pointed out two players who pressured him to leave. He also expressed his hopes for Talleres to become a prominent club in the country.

Fassi also discussed public limited companies in football, expressing his views on the topic. He believes there are more important issues to address in Argentine soccer before discussing public limited companies.

In conclusion, the transfer of Rodrigo Villagra from Talleres de Córdoba to River Plate caused some tension between the two clubs. Talleres’ president, Andrés Fassi, expressed his displeasure with the situation and also discussed his hopes for Talleres to become a prominent club in the country. He also shared his views on public limited companies in football.

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