Takaya Suzuki’s Lightning-Fast Flying Knee KO


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Nineteen-year-old Japanese flyweight Takaya Suzuki made headlines with a stunning flying knee knockout in just four seconds during a Shooto event in Tokyo. His opponent, Yuichi Miyagi, seemed to initiate a glove touch, but Suzuki quickly leaped forward with a flying knee that left Miyagi unconscious. This rapid finish drew comparisons to Jorge Masvidal’s famous five-second KO of Ben Askren at UFC 239 in 2019.

Suzuki’s victory marked his third consecutive first-round knockout and extended his winning streak to five fights since his professional debut. The young fighter has gained attention for his explosive performances in the flyweight division. Miyagi, a seasoned 17-year veteran, experienced just the fourth KO/TKO loss of his career and had to be stretchered out of the cage after the devastating knockout.

The clip of Suzuki’s lightning-fast KO quickly went viral, prompting mixed reactions from fans. Some praised the young fighter’s skill and efficiency, likening him to a “Japanese Masvidal.” However, others criticized the perceived lack of sportsmanship, questioning Suzuki’s decision to capitalize on a potential glove touch.

With a professional record of 5-1 at the age of 19, Suzuki’s recent highlight-reel knockout is sure to attract attention from larger organizations. Despite a setback in his pro debut, Suzuki rebounded with impressive victories, showcasing his potential in the MMA world. MMA enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Suzuki’s future performances as he continues to make waves in the flyweight division.

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