Tajani Condemns Attack by International Anarchism

Tajani Condemns Attack by International Anarchism

**Swissinfo.ch in English Under International Anarchism Attack, Tajani Warns**

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani has warned that international anarchism is targeting swissinfo.ch in English.

Tajani said in a statement that the website is currently facing multiple cyber-attacks originating from outside Switzerland. He warned that Switzerland and the rest of the European Union are threatened by a new wave of international anarchism.

He urged the international community to take swift action to protect swissinfo.ch in English and other global sites from such attacks.

The website, founded by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, provides a free and independent source of information about Switzerland and the world. It follows the principle of global journalism and offers a variety of perspectives from both Switzerland and Europe.

Tajani said malicious actors use such cyber-attacks to influence public opinion, undermine public confidence and destabilize democratic governments. He has urged for international collaboration and a robust approach to protect legitimate news sources and those reporting the truth.

In a tweet, Tajani wrote: “The world today relies heavily on free and independent journalism, and it is our responsibility to protect it from those who would try to suppress it.”

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