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Syria Crisis: 37,000 Dead as Humanitarian Corridors Open

Expectations of finding more survivors alive in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria are quickly fading. The United Nations reported that the death toll has exceeded 37,000 and warned that more than 100,000 civilians may still be buried beneath the rubble. In response to this, the Government of Bashar al-Assad has agreed to open two new humanitarian corridors for sending assistance from its border with Turkey. The international entity has stressed the urgency of providing support in basic needs for all survivors. Spanish doctors have set up a camp in Alejandreta, as the Turkish hospitals have collapsed, and a 13-year-old boy was miraculously rescued after a week under the rubble. Martin Griffiths, the head of Aid at the UN, and Geir Pedersen, special envoy to Syria, have both arrived in the country to assess the situation. The European Commission has also demanded that Syria provide more humanitarian aid, while the United States has called for the opening of additional crossings to the country. Ahmet Ovgun Ercan, a geophysicist from the Istanbul Technical University, has stated that humans can survive up to ten days in these conditions, but their physical limitations to ask for help are greater. As the death toll continues to rise, the urgency of providing aid to those affected by the disaster is increasingly apparent. The international community must come together to ensure that those affected are provided with the necessary resources to survive and rebuild their lives.

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