Suspected Geometer Accused of Giving Identity to Sicilian Mafia Boss

Notorious Mafia Boss Matteo Messina Denaro Arrested in Italy After Nearly 30 Years on the Run

Italian police on Monday arrested Andrea Bonafede, a suspected collaborator of notorious mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro. Denaro was arrested a week ago after nearly 30 years on the run.

A police source confirmed to EFE that Bonafede was arrested by the Palermo prosecutor Maurizio Lucia and his deputy Paolo Guido. They have requested the police not to give out details of the operation until further notice.

Reports claim that Bonafede, a geometer by profession, was one of Denaro’s closest confidants. Bonafede allegedly gave Denaro his identity card, health card, and had taken over the houses where he was hiding. The car which Denaro used to move was in the name of Bonafede’s mother, who is said to have links with a well-known mafia group in Sicily.

Denaro was arrested last week after he went to a hospital in Palermo for treatment of colon cancer. Investigators believe he had been living in Campobello di Mazara of late, and they have been able to locate three hideouts of Denaro in the town of around 11,000 inhabitants.

The hideouts are said to contain extravagant belongings like jewelry, precious stones, numerous restaurant bills, and even items from The Godfather franchise. Investigators are now trying to find the details of Denaro’s network of collaborators who had managed to keep him out of government’s reach for all these years.

Sources also say that plane tickets to United Kingdom and South America (the destinations were not specified by the prosecutors) were found among his belongings.

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