Supreme Court of Brazil Approves Investigation into Bolsonaro for Anti-Democratic Acts

Brazil’s Supreme Court Authorizes Investigation of Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s Supreme Court authorized Friday the Attorney General’s Office to investigate former President Jair Bolsonaro for his alleged participation in the attack on the three powers of thousands of his supporters in Brasilia. Hours earlier, the prosecutor’s office had asked the court to investigate whether the far-right leader incited the attack which sought to overthrow President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Magistrate Alexandre de Moraes complied with the Prosecutor’s Office’s request and allowed Bolsonaro to be included in the list of those investigated for having incited the anti-democratic acts on Sunday. Evidence against the former president includes a video he posted with a voter insisting Lula was not chosen by the people but by the electoral court.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested that the Supreme Court order Facebook to preserve the video posted and later deleted by Bolsonaro. According to the statement of the office, seven investigations are being opened into attacks and acts of violence from Bolsonaro’s supporters. They are accused of crimes of terrorism, criminal association, threatening and persecuting.

Authorities already arrested 1,800 accused of being part of the horde of radical Bolsonaristas that invaded and vandalized the government buildings. The former president has been in the United States since December 30 and is being investigated in four other criminal proceedings.

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