Sunkissed City: A Stardew Valley in the Urban Jungle


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Simulator lovers have something to look forward to with the announcement of Sunkissed City, a new video game set in city life. Created by Arthur ‘Mr. Podunkian’ Lee, who also worked on Stardew Valley, this new project is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2024 on Steam, with plans to later launch on consoles.

The game takes place in Apollo City, a sun-drenched coastal metropolis where players take on the role of an employee participating in a pilot program called Peco Pioneer. The goal is to foster a relationship with the Apollo community and promote the Pico corporation’s green initiatives. The game features an art style similar to Stardew Valley, but with the adventure unfolding in a city.

Sunkissed City offers deep customization options and mechanics similar to Stardew Valley. Players will have the opportunity to live in a city with countless opportunities and work to save Apollo from a threat. The local fauna has become aggressive, the waters are devoid of life, and monsters are emerging from the sewers.

In addition to the main storyline, the game also offers many activities for players to enjoy at their own pace. There are also social options to interact with other characters and cooperative online multiplayer modes with split screen.

If you’re interested in Sunkissed City, it’s worth checking out the game’s Steam page to add it to your wish list. With its combination of city life, customization options, and cooperative gameplay, Sunkissed City promises to offer a unique and engaging experience for simulator fans. Keep an eye out for its release in 2024 and get ready to explore the sun-soaked streets of Apollo City.

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