Summer 2024: Santa María del Mar Beach Visitor Capacity


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Citizens can avoid paying a parking fee if they use the space for less than 10 minutes. The Municipality of Santa María del Mar has set the maximum capacity for its three beaches this summer in 2024 to ensure the safety of visitors in the event of a natural disaster. The decision was made based on evacuation and security criteria, with the authorities concerned about potential dangers due to high visitor numbers during the season.

According to Ordinance No. 002-2024-MDSMM, the regulated capacity for each beach is as follows: Playa Grande: 2,762 people, Playa Chica: 1,388 people, and Playa Embajadores: 1,200 people. The rule also outlines the need for orderly evacuation in case of an emergency and the avoidance of large crowds that could pose a risk to people’s lives. Additionally, efforts will be made to reduce solid waste left by visitors to protect marine life and human health.

The Constitutional Court of Peru has ordered the dismantling of any structures that prevent free access to the beaches, ensuring the right to free movement. This decision is in line with the Magna Carta, which designates beaches as goods for public use. As a result, previously exclusive beaches are now accessible to the public.

The General Directorate of Environmental Health and Food Safety (Digesa) has identified several beaches that do not meet necessary safety conditions, while also listing safe spas according to the Ministry of Health (Minsa). The goal is to provide visitors with a list of safe and unsafe beaches to ensure their well-being.

In light of these measures, visitors are encouraged to be mindful of the regulated capacity at each beach and to follow evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. Additionally, everyone is urged to do their part in reducing waste and keeping the beaches clean for the benefit of marine life and public health.

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