Suicide Squad Video Game Delayed Again: Fans Disappointed

Suicide Squad Video Game Delayed Again: Fans Disappointed

DC fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Suicide Squad video game, but it seems like they will have to wait even longer as the game has been delayed again. According to a report from Bloomberg, the game was originally scheduled for release on May 26, but it will not be available on the day of its official launch.

The delay of the game is due to some disappointing aspects and the need to fix bugs. The gameplay itself is not being reviewed as it would take much longer. The criticisms of the gameplay were high after the great presentation of the game in a recent State of Play event on PlayStation. Many criticized the streaming service elements and the abundance of gunshots.

Undoubtedly, solving these problems would take more than a couple of months, which explains why Bloomberg’s source claims that the delay is more due to the need to polish the Suicide Squad video game. However, things seem to be even worse for DC Comics as whistleblower Jeff Grubb claims that the game is being pushed back to 2024, calling it an unbearable delay.

With the delay news, DC fans have lost faith in the new video game. Despite these setbacks, the developers Rocksteady Studios have assured the fans that the game is still in the works and is being developed with the utmost care to deliver a memorable gaming experience.

For more video game news, readers can visit the website of Cinemascomics, which reports in-depth on the world of gaming. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for a new release date for the Suicide Squad video game.

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