Súbete al 23 Tour: Music and Joy in Miami | Video


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The Úbete al23 team wrapped up their tour on Friday with a visit to the Metrocable shopping center. Jorge Hernández presented the show to the community, marking the ninth studio visit. The journalist Rayneanciani also shared material about entrepreneurial states, with her family participating in the experience on the street.

Pamela Silva, current presenter of “Primer Impacto,” who began her career on the Miami channel, was also present. The Latin flavor was evident as guacamole was prepared, and the team had the opportunity to interact with people they don’t usually see on television.

The tour continued from Broward to the southwest of Miami County, where the team visited Tropical Park and had unique and unforgettable moments. Ambrosio Hernandez and Jenny Padura presented news at six, and Ambrosio interviewed the mayor of the county. The team also spoke with local entrepreneurs about their food and service.

The tour concluded with a visit to a baseball game, where the team accompanied fans of the team from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. The Úbete al23 team has had a fantastic time and is committed to staying permanently to be there for the community.

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