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Gemma Triay Pons, born in Alayor in 1992, is making a name for herself in the world of padel at the beginning of this season. She recently announced that she will not continue playing with her partner, Marta Ortega, after the Hexagon Cup. This decision came after a period of reflection where she felt that they were not performing at their best as a team.

The announcement of their split has surprised many, and people are curious about why Gemma decided to end their partnership. Gemma explained that after some disappointing performances, she felt that neither she nor Marta were able to bring out their best on the court. This realization led her to make the difficult decision to part ways with Marta.

Gemma’s decision was not easy, and she acknowledges that Marta was also disappointed by the news. Despite this, they both remain on good terms and wish each other the best. They are even planning to play in a tournament together before officially parting ways.

Gemma has already found a new partner, but she has chosen not to reveal their identity just yet. She is focused on giving Marta the space and respect she deserves as they prepare for their final tournament together.

Reflecting on their past performances, Gemma believes that winning the Rome Major early last year may have raised expectations too high. She acknowledges that Marta is a talented player, but they struggled to maintain their level of play during competitions. Despite their successes in training, they were unable to replicate this on the court consistently.

When asked about her mental state, Gemma admits that it has been challenging, but she has a supportive team helping her through this transition. She understands that not everyone will agree with her decision, but she felt it was best to end their partnership before the start of the season.

As Gemma and Marta prepare to play in their final tournament together, they are committed to giving it their all and ending their partnership on a positive note. Despite the challenges they have faced, they remain respectful of each other and are focused on their future endeavors in the world of padel.

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