Stickney Firefighters Donate Equipment to Zacatecas Fire Station


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The Stickney Central Fire Protection District recently donated some of their firefighting equipment to the Jalpa Fire Department in Mexico. The equipment, including helmets, vests, bags, and boots, was in perfect condition and will help the local firefighters in Jalpa be better protected.

In 2024, the Stickney Fire Department chose the Jalpa Fire Department in Zacatecas, Mexico to receive the donation. The fire chief of the Jalpa Station traveled to Stickney to receive the donated equipment, which is approximately 10 years old but still in excellent condition for fighting fires. In the United States, equipment cannot be used after a certain period of time, even if it is in good condition, so donations like this help less privileged fire stations have the necessary equipment to fight fires.

In other news, a fire was reported at a house on Rutherford Avenue in Chicago. The Chicago Fire Department responded to the scene and found four people injured, including two young girls, a 7-year-old boy, and a 34-year-old woman. The injured were taken to different hospitals, with some in critical condition due to smoke inhalation.

Preliminary reports suggested that an explosion was heard before the fire, but authorities have not confirmed this. Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the fire. Chicago Fire crews worked for over an hour to extinguish the flames, and the authorities continue to investigate the incident.

The Stickney Fire Department’s donation to the Jalpa Fire Department is a great example of international cooperation and support for firefighters in need. This act of generosity will help the firefighters in Jalpa better protect their community and save lives. It’s heartwarming to see fire departments from different countries come together to support each other and ensure the safety of their communities.

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