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Stephen A. Smith Hints at Dramatic Career Shift – Aims to Become TV’s Greatest Talent of All Time

Stephen A. Smith Hints at Dramatic Career Shift – Aims to Become TV’s Greatest Talent of All Time

Stephen A. Smith Aims to Become Greatest TV Talent in History

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith has set his sights on becoming the greatest talent in television history. While already one of the most recognizable sportscasters in the US, the First Take star revealed that he now hopes to conquer the acting world as well.

From Print to Screen

Smith, who is 55 years old, began his career in print as a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, covering the NBA. However, he quickly proved himself to be a talented and charismatic broadcaster once he transitioned to television on the now-defunct CNN/SI network in the late 1990s.

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Over the next two decades, Stephen A. became the face of ESPN and one of the highest-paid sportscasters in the world. His fame has also led him to a few acting gigs, including cameos on General Hospital and in Chris Rock’s movie titled ‘I Think I Love My Wife.’

Growth and Aspirations

Smith expressed a desire to get more TV credits on his resume during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show. He spoke about wanting to grow his production company, Mr. SAS Productions, and follow in the footsteps of successful producers like Tyler Perry, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Spike Lee.

Moreover, the sportscaster revealed his intention to pursue acting further, saying that he enjoys portraying other characters and finding himself marrying that character, improving his craft as a result. His ultimate goal, however, is to be recognized as arguably the greatest television talent in history.

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A Career of Accomplishments

Earlier this year, Stephen A. added a major entry to his list of accomplishments by releasing his book titled ‘Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes.’ The book tour became a theme of First Take episodes, with the show’s regulars often ribbing the sportscaster for being out of the ESPN studios.

Stephen A. Smith’s career has been remarkable so far, but he is not done yet. He is set to face new challenges, and his fans have no doubt that he will rise to the occasion.

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