Stellar Blade announces release date with new story trailer


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PlayStation recently held its first event of the year, showcasing 40 minutes of upcoming games for its next-generation console. Among the confirmed titles is Stellar Blade, previously known as Project Eve, which was initially scheduled for release in 2023 but has been delayed to April 26, 2024. The event also featured a new trailer for Stellar Blade, providing a glimpse of the gameplay and focusing on the game’s story.

Reservations for Stellar Blade will open on February 7, although the price has not yet been announced. It’s worth noting that the game is an exclusive for PlayStation 5 and is developed by Shift Up, offering a hack n’ slash experience with a mature story and impressive graphics. The game follows the character Eve as she battles the “Naytibas” and their devastating crusade on Earth, while survivors escape to an outer space colony.

In addition to Stellar Blade, PlayStation has a lineup of releases scheduled for this year, including Helldivers II on February 8, 2024, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on February 29, 2024, and Rise of the Ronin on March 22, 2024. The event also featured the announcement of Silent Hill: The Short Message, a new installment of the acclaimed Konami franchise that will be available for free on PlayStation 5.

The event showcased a variety of upcoming games, providing a glimpse of what players can expect in the coming months. With a focus on next-generation gaming experiences, PlayStation continues to deliver exciting titles for its dedicated fan base. Stay tuned for more updates on these upcoming releases and get ready to dive into the world of next-generation gaming on PlayStation 5.

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