Spring Equinox 2023: Origin, Meaning, and Start Date in Colombia Explored in Latest Trends

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Spring Equinox: A Global Phenomenon Celebrated in Many Ways

The spring equinox is one of the most exciting astronomical events that occurs annually. This phenomenon takes place when the day and night are of equal length, as the sun crosses the equator of the globe. This occurrence is celebrated throughout the world, with different nations adapting to the time change.

Colombia is one of the countries that welcome the arrival of spring with open arms, bidding adieu to the winter season. This year, the equinox will arrive on March 20th at 4:24 PM (Colombian time), marking the beginning of the warmer season.

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The word ‘equinox’ has its roots in Latin and literally means ‘equal night.’ As the sun crosses the celestial equator of the Earth, both the northern and southern parts experience the same length of daylight. The autumn equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere and spring equinox in the southern hemisphere.

Different countries celebrate equinoxes in different ways. Mabon, a Celtic festival, is widely celebrated in the United Kingdom to welcome autumn. It signifies the changing of seasons, harvest time, and agricultural prosperity. On the other hand, the Mayan pyramid of Kukulcán in Mexico witnesses a mysterious phenomenon during the equinox, where a hologram of a feathered serpent is projected down the temple’s steps.

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The spring equinox has a unique significance in Colombia as it signifies the beginning of a new season, filled with warm temperatures and cool nights. Spring brings with it the promise of bloom and rebirth, and the country welcomes it with open arms.

In conclusion, the spring equinox is a global phenomenon celebrated in many ways, marking the beginning of a new season and bringing with it new hope, prosperity, and opportunities. Let us all welcome spring with open hearts and minds, and make the most of this beautiful season.


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