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Sporting Cristal’s Renato Solís Faces Challenges in Liga 1 and Preps for Copa Libertadores 2023

Sporting Cristal Achieves Objective of Qualifying for Copa Libertadores Group Stage

Sporting Cristal returned to Lima with mixed emotions after their match against tivo Garcilaso in Cusco. However, the team was determined to recover quickly as they had to face Huracán to determine whether they could qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. They achieved their goal, and after that, they added three points to their tally in League 1.

Despite their success, the team cannot afford to become complacent. As Renato Solís, a key player in the team, warns, bigger challenges are yet to come. Solís states that he is happy to have reached their goal of qualifying for the Copa Libertadores group stage; however, he is aware that they need to focus on the challenges ahead.

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Solís recalls their recent victory over Atlético Grau, noting that it was a difficult game that they had to work hard to win. He also credits his recent injury as being an engine that helped him return with more momentum. He says that it made him get things out of himself that he never knew he had, and this has made him grow both as a professional and as a person.

Looking ahead, Solís believes that the team has long-term goals and the level to be national champions. He is confident that they can reach the next phase and continue competing at the South American level.

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Sporting Cristal’s success in reaching the Copa Libertadores group stage is a significant achievement. However, it is just the beginning of what promises to be a challenging season. With players like Solís, the team has the talent and determination to achieve their goals and continue to make history.

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