Spielberg’s Sweeping 20-Year Labor of Love: ‘The Fabelmans’ Still Off-Limits to Audiences

Steven Spielberg’s Autobiographical Film, ‘Los Fabelmans’ Scheduled To Release In Spain On February 10

Steven Spielberg’s long awaited autobiographical film ‘Los Fabelmans’ is finally near its release, scheduled for February 10 in Spain. The film recounts the story of Spielberg’s childhood days in 50s America, taken from his memories.

Screenwriter Tony Kushner had predicted this happening more than two decades ago, when Spielberg told him his life story. It was only during the confinment due to the pandemic that it became true. Kushner said, ” We wrote three days a week, four hours a day and we finished the script in two months: the fastest I’ve finished something. It was great. I loved it.”

The film has so far recieved an almost perfect score, with 92% and 84 on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic respectively. Winning the Golden Globe and being nominated for the Academy Awards, ‘Los Fabelmans’ is like recollecting memories from the past.

Spielberg said, “I began to seriously think that if I were to do a movie that I haven’t done yet, something that I really wanted to do on a very personal level, what would it be? My life with my mom and dad taught me a lesson that I hope this movie teaches, when does a young person in a family start to see their parents as human beings? It happened to me between between the ages of 7 and 18, when I began to appreciate my mom and dad not as parents, but as real people.”

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