Spectacular Fan Art Reveals Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in Symbiote Suit

Spectacular Fan Art Reveals Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in Symbiote Suit

Fan Recreates Andrew Garfield’s version of Spiderman in the famous black suit

A fan has inspired many by recreating what Andrew Garfield’s version of Spiderman would look like in the infamous black suit. Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the wall-crawler in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 and 3 continues to garner admiration amongst fans, despite the initial cancellation of the saga in favour of a reboot with Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

Inspired by the black suit in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 with Tobey Maguire, subi.ozil wished to explore the notion of what Garfield would look like donning the Marvel symbiote suit. As the artist explained, “It turned out quite sweet in the end. It is always fun to try something new.”

The iconic look includes a generously sized white spider silhouetted on top of a black suit covering Spider-Man’s torso, as seen in the comics. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible that we will ever get to witness Garfield donning the costume, however, chances are we will get to witness Tom Holland wearing the symbiote in upcoming Marvel Studios movies.

Many cherish the hope of one day experiencing what a third Andrew Garfield installment of The Amazing Spider-Man would look like, perhaps one including the legendary black suit. Until then, fans can appreciate the creative project of the talented artist.

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