Special Prosecutor Report Raises Concerns About Biden’s Mental Health


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President Joe Biden rejected a report from special prosecutor Robert Hur, who accused him of mishandling classified documents and having a “significantly limited memory.” The report raised concerns about Biden’s age and mental health, as it noted that he was unable to remember certain events and conversations.

The report stated that Biden’s memory was poor, as he was unable to recall when he was vice president or when his son, Beau Biden, died. Biden defended himself by saying that the questions were none of their business and that he had conducted five hours of interviews with Hur’s team over two days.

While Biden will not face charges for mishandling classified documents, the report’s claims about his memory could undermine his message to voters that he can run the government and safeguard the country. Republican lawmakers seized on Hur’s descriptions of Biden’s frailty and advanced age, questioning his mental condition and fitness to be president.

The White House rejected the characterizations of Biden’s memory, stating that his inability to recall events that happened years ago is neither surprising nor unusual. The report concluded that Biden withheld documents containing confidential information but was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The report also found that Biden shared notebooks containing confidential information about Afghanistan with a ghostwriter while working on his memoirs. Despite this, Hur declined to prosecute Biden for mishandling classified documents.

The concerns about Biden’s age and mental health have led to questions about his fitness to govern. Voters are already entering this year’s elections with serious doubts about Biden’s age, after analyzing his gaffes, his cough, his slow walk, and even a fall from his bicycle. The report’s findings could further undermine Biden’s ability to lead the country.

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