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Speaking of abortion, the Pope wonders if it is lawful to hire a hit man to solve a problem

Speaking of abortion, the Pope wonders if it is lawful to hire a hit man to solve a problem

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A quadriplegic man walks again thanks to artificial intelligence00:25

Tina Turner: the confession she made about her childhood and that shook her fans01:05

Government Responds to Texas Lawsuit Against CBP One, Alleging Illegal Immigration Decrease00:26

Cancun prohibits narcocorrido concerts to avoid violent situations01:53

A woman from the Sonora Searching Mothers group who wanted to find her husband disappears00:44

Netflix’s new policies divide user opinion: “They are within their rights”01:43

4 1/2-year prison sentence for man who set foot on Nancy Pelosi’s desk00:24

The US registers at least 600 mass shootings a year after the massacre in Uvalde00:47

These are Ron DeSantis’s opponents in the Republican primary00:40

Evening News 05-24

Evening News 05-24

Pope Francis advises young people on combating child sexual abuse00:50

Edward James Olmos talks about the “difficult” treatment for his throat cancer00:39

Study brings together the most common symptoms of prolonged COVID-1901:22

Experts forecast up to nine hurricanes next season, but less active01:22

George Floyd: three years after his death “legislative change is very limited”, says activist01:44

The AMLO government is the most violent in the last 18 years, according to official data02:00

Ron DeSantis raises $8.2 million in the first 24 hours after launching his campaign02:27

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Bessie Schrimsher
Bessie Schrimsher
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