Spanish designer Leo Norma kicks off Fashion Week in New York


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Spanish designer Leo Norma is making waves in the fashion world, and he’s about to make his mark on New York Fashion Week. This talented couturier, based in Paris, began his fashion design studies at the age of 17 at the IFA Paris International Fashion School. Since then, he has dressed numerous Spanish celebrities and even created his own brand, LEO NORMA, at the age of 24.

In 2015, Norma joined the creative team “CAFTANOS” as the artistic director, showcasing his collection and expanding it to include a Haute Couture line. He has also been a guest designer at major European and Arab world fashion shows, receiving prestigious awards and nominations for his innovative and sophisticated designs.

Norma’s latest collection, RetroGlam, was presented at the Dubai International Arab Festival and features a touch of French glamour with small pieces of patent leather incorporated into the designs. This collection showcases the designer’s constant evolution and creativity.

Not only has Norma presented his collections at fashion weeks in Dubai, Paris, Milan, Morocco, Egypt, and Spain, but he has also opened the Larios footbridge, the longest in Europe. Now, he is set to open New York Fashion Week on February 10 at Terminal 5, with Arab singer Guita Lahmamssi kicking off the show.

This is a major accomplishment for Norma, solidifying his place in the international fashion scene and proving that ‘Made in Spain’ fashion is here to stay. With his meteoric rise in the industry, there’s no doubt that Leo Norma is a designer to watch.

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