Spain to Send Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine

Spain and Europe Provide Support to Ukraine in Conflict With Russia

In a conflict that has been ongoing for almost a year, Ukraine is receiving support from other countries to defend Ukrainian territory from Russia. Spain is part of the countries that are providing weapons to support Ukrainian President Zelensky, namely the Leopard 2 tanks.

These impressive tanks were born in 1979 and have continued to this day with some modifications that improve their offensive capabilities. The steel-plated protection helps them to withstand bullets and other missile launchers and the floor of certain inclination and corrugations provides a protection against mines.

The fully digitized fire control in the tank provides an attack of Rheinmetall 120-millimeter L/44 cannon and can distinguish targets thanks to its panoramic and thermal imaging sights. Two machine guns are also placed inside the tank for ground and air defense.

These Leopard 2 tanks have already been sent to Latvia in 2017 by Spain as a deterrent measure against Russia to protect the Baltic countries.

With the Leopard 2 tanks and ABRAMS tanks sent by the United States, the NATO countries are hoping to have a better result in defending Ukraine.

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