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Munich Airport and Bayern Munich’s home match against Union Berlin were both affected by heavy snowfall in Bavaria, Germany. The airport grounded all flights until 6am on Sunday, leaving thousands of travelers stranded. Lufthansa noted that other airports in Germany, including Frankfurt, were also affected with limited flight operations.

The severe weather also disrupted rail services in Bavaria, with the main railway station in Munich brought to a standstill. Regional and long-distance services were temporarily suspended, including connections with Austrian cities. Passengers on some trains had to spend the night on board.

Bayern Munich’s home match against Union Berlin was called off due to heavy snowfall. The club stated that safety risks and traffic conditions made cancellation unavoidable. Underground services, buses, and trams also initially stopped running in Munich. There were numerous accidents on the roads in southern Bavaria, most resulting in property damage.

The German Weather Service expected heavy snowfall to continue in the south, southeast, and parts of the north of the state. Many smaller roads outside of built-up areas were heavily snow-covered or blocked by fallen trees. Police in Lower Bavaria responded to 350 incidents related to snow and ice, some leading to minor to moderate injuries.

Parts of the neighboring state of Baden-Wurttemberg also received up to 40cm of snowfall overnight, causing trees to topple and block roads. In Austria and Switzerland, the new snowfall led officials to raise the alarm about the danger of avalanches. The provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg in western Austria raised their avalanche warnings to the second-highest level after the region received up to 50cm of snow overnight.

The severe weather conditions have caused widespread disruption in Bavaria and neighboring regions, affecting air and rail travel, as well as causing accidents and road closures. Travelers are advised to check the status of their flights and postpone journeys to and from Munich. The heavy snowfall is expected to continue, posing risks to safety and travel. Authorities are on high alert for the danger of avalanches in Austria and Switzerland.

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