HomeNewsSouth Sudan Government Announces Start of Transition Period Extension

South Sudan Government Announces Start of Transition Period Extension

South Sudan Government Announces Start of Transition Period Extension

South Sudan: Government of National Unity and Transition Announces Start of 24-Month Transition Period

The Government of National Unity and Transition in South Sudan has recently announced the beginning of a 24-month transition period towards elections. This “roadmap” was proposed in order to ensure the respect of the 2018 peace agreement, which was signed in order to end the civil war which began in 2013. The government has expressed its determination to move forward with the implementation of the agreement, while some of its key chapters are still in progress.

At a press conference, Minister of Government Affairs Martin Elia Lomoro listed the ongoing tasks of the peace agreement. Government spokesman Michael Makuei then appealed to the international community to reconsider the arms embargo, which he believes is an obstacle to the agreement’s implementation. He also assured that the process of creating the Constitution has already begun, and that it will be completed in time to organize the elections.

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Civil society activist Wani Steven inquired about the opening of civic space for political parties, and asked if it included civil society and the general South Sudanese public. He inquired about the freedom to demonstrate if the roadmap is not implemented on time. Makuei responded by reassuring that the government is committed to implementing the agreement and organizing the elections on time.

The transition period is a crucial step for South Sudan in order to ensure the success of the peace agreement, and to ensure a peaceful and democratic future for the country.

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