Snow Storms and Record-Breaking Cold Hitting Japan

**Heavy snowfall cause severe transport delays, resulting in one death in Japan**
On Wednesday, a snowstorm blanketed the region of Nagano and Kyoto, Japan, delighting tourists but causing severe disruption to transportation. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported that this cold snap was among the coldest in a decade.

The storm resulted in the death of one person and two other deaths were being investigated by authorities. Hundreds of flights were cancelled, whilst trains were delayed or cancelled, and highways became congested with traffic.

In Nagano, visitors were seen admiring the snow-covered Zenkoji temple and the historical heritage in Kyoto. One tourist, Akiko Sotobori, told AFP “I came to ski, but the snow was so thick that I changed my schedule and decided to do some sightseeing”.

The snowfall in Nagano and Kyoto did, however, not reach the capital: Tokyo and its surrounds remained unaffected by the weather, though temperatures were lower than usual.

The authorities urge citizens to remain vigilant and to take preventive measures in anticipation of the cold weather.

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