Smallville: The Detail That Derailed the Teenage Superman Story

**The ‘Smallville’ Plot Omission That Ruined Superman’s Arc**

The CW series ‘Smallville’ has been idolized for its approach at an alternate version of Superman’s history, adding a new dimension to the character’s life in the small town from where he grew up. However, recently Tom Welling revealed that a key detail was left out in the storyline ruining Clark Kent’s character arc.

The show follows Clark’s teenage years as he discovers his powers and eventually becomes Superman, all taking place in the confines of a high school. But, one important aspect that the creators left out was the idea of school homework, which is an integral part of Clark’s life at this young age.

Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor, humorously pointed out that Clark was never seen doing his schoolwork in the show. To this, Tom Welling agreed, saying it would have made the show “very boring.” The creators intention to focus the show on action and adventure rather rather than mundane class work likely led to the omission.

In the end, this gross disregard of an important detail in Clark’s story completely ruined the original arc of the character.

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