Sixteen Dead After Building Collapse in Syria

**16 People Dead After Building Collapses in Aleppo, Syria**

Sixteen people lost their lives on Sunday after a five-storey building collapsed in Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city. Seven families lived in the building, and a total of 35 people were asleep when the collapse happened at around 01:00 am GMT.

The tragedy was reportedly caused by “water infiltration” at the base of the building, according to the Interior Ministry and the official Sana news agency. Rescue workers and firefighters are still searching through the rubble in the majority Kurds neighbourhood of Sheikh Maqsud for the missing.

The latest balance from the Sana news agency lists 16 dead, including one minor, and four injured. Whereas Anha, the Kurdish press agency, lists 12 dead, five of which were children.

Residents of Aleppo are all too familiar with this type of disaster, as building collapses are frequent and mainly caused by illegal and poorly done constructions, or because of the many cracks left by the fighting of the Syrian war. Aleppo is now under the control of the government after it was taken from the rebels. Security in the Sheikh Maqsud district is handled by Kurdish forces.

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