Six Injured in Shooting at London Church, Europe

Girl Left in Critical condition After Shooting Attack on London Catholic Temple

On Saturday (01.14.2023), a shocking shooting at a Catholic temple in London left six people injured, including one in critical condition. According to the London Police, the incident took place during a mass held in honor of a woman and her daughter who had passed away in November 2022.

The report noted that all the people present during the service, which was led by the priest Jeremy Trood, panicked and fled the site. The shots, reportedly fired from a moving vehicle, left a seven-year-old girl in critical condition and four women, alongside a 12-year-old girl, injured. The 12-year-old girl was later released from the hospital after receiving treatment for minor leg injury.

An initial investigation was launched by the police to determine the motive for the attack and the people involved in the unfortunate incident. As of now, no suspect has been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

The Catholic church, located near the Euston railway station, was hosting a mass for the deceased Sara Sánchez, a 20-year-old diagnosed with leukemia, and her mother, who passed away shortly after due to a blood clot.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of the victims and all those affected by this incident.

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