Single from ‘First Dates’ Admits Feelings for Carlos Sobera

Carlos Sobera receives an Expression of Affection from Isabel during a Program

Isabel, a single woman, had the opportunity to meet Carlos Sobera in the Cuatro program. She took advantage of the opportunity to tell him how much she admired him, complimenting and embracing him. Despite the expressions of affection, the presenter refused to have dinner with her.

Cuatro Matias, the waiter of the program in the well-known restaurant, proposed the presenter a dinner with Isabel. However, the presenter declined the invitation in the most elegant way. Introducing Isabel to Pepe, who had the perfect date for her.

Pepe and Isabel were instantly attracted to each other and soon became close. They discovered that they had many things in common and shared stories about their latest trips and experiences in love. It ended with a kiss and a promise from Pepe to have a second date.

Isabel fulfilled a dream of hers by meeting Carlos Sobera and going on a date with Pepe. Her second date would involve a seafood platter in Blanes and the growing chemistry between them.

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