Singer Evaluna Montaner Poses In Bikini 9 Months After Giving Birth To Daughter Indigo With Camilo

Evaluna Montaner Has a Figure to Show Off 9 Months After Having a Baby

Evaluna Montaner, the 25-year old wife of Camilo, showed of her figure in a bikini 9 months after giving birth to their daughter, Indigo. On January 12th, Evaluna posted a series of portraits on her Instagram account, taken during their family vacation. In the pictures, she was seen wearing a pink bikini, as well as red and purple shorts, complementing the look with a bandana and a black bracelet.

Evaluna’s fans were quick to comment on her look that showed her natural beauty, while also noticing her well-defined abdomen which suggested she had already lost her pregnancy belly.

Moreover, in the collection of photos that Evaluna shared with her fans, she proudly displayed multiple tattoos located all over her body, including “I love myself” along her hip, “I touch the sky” on her left leg, and “Eco” between her breasts, followed by coordinates on her ribs whose meaning remains enigmatic.

Evaluna’s post is a representation of the struggles many women face to make peace with their bodies, especially after enduring the hardships of motherhood. It is a reminder to celebrate all the beauty that comes with being a woman.

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