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Diego Pablo Simeone recently spoke to the media after a victory, expressing his satisfaction with the team’s performance. He praised Memphis for playing well and contributing to the team’s success. Simeone emphasized the importance of keeping clean sheets, stating that a strong defense is crucial for a team’s success. He also noted the team’s defensive improvement, attributing it to better teamwork and winning more duels.

Regarding injuries to Giménez and Morata, Simeone mentioned that the team will have to wait for more information. When asked about the team’s goals, Simeone emphasized that he is focused on the upcoming match against Rayo.

Simeone also discussed the team’s attack, highlighting the importance of competition and teamwork. He expressed his confidence in Vermeeren, a young player with a lot of potential, and emphasized the team’s commitment to helping him integrate into the team.

Simeone also addressed the issue of managing player rotation, stating that it is appreciated and necessary for competing in multiple competitions. He mentioned that the team’s success depends on the participation and availability of all players, and highlighted the importance of resting players like Morata to keep them fresh for upcoming matches.

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