Sierra Leone Fishermen Struggle as Boats Yield Empty Nets

The Struggles of Tombo Village and its Residents

The fishing village of Tombo in Sierra Leone, who have lived by the sea for generations, have been brought to crisis in recent years due to the massive Chinese fishing fleets that have depleted the resources of the area, with support from corrupt officials. The wives and daughters of the men have been left without income, as they use fishing to make money in the markets, as well as other natural disasters and the coronavirus.

The residents of Tombo are determined to preserve their families and the future of their community, despite the various struggles that they face, which is reflective of the overwhelming ecological and economic issues of the greater West African region.

One story among many from Tombo is that of Fatmata, a single mother, who is living abroad after her husband left the village for two new wives, and does not send money for the support of their child. Another is Suliaman, a local fisherman, who was blamed for the lack of fish and was forced to leave to look for a new fortune. Wudie is a spokesperson for the fishermen’s association, doing his best to bring the community together in the face of their challenges.

The stories of Tombo and its residents are indicative of a wider tragedy, with their struggles reflective of the economic and ecological issues of the greater West African region.

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