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Since the cancellation of Silent Hills, the game developed by Hideo Kojima, fans of the horror saga have made efforts to make it clear to Konami that they want a new installment.

In addition to announcing the arrival of a few, Konami recently launched Silent Hill: The Short Message, a short experience that has attracted many players. The result? Which has already exceeded one million downloads.

Silent Hill: The Short Message was nothing more than a mystery, but all doubts were resolved in the first State of Play of the year. Once announced, PlayStation 5 players had the opportunity to enjoy it completely free of charge.

The news comes from Konami itself. In a new post on the franchise’s official X/Twitter account (above), the studio also thanked players for their support. This is a milestone, since Silent Hill: The Short Message has only been available for five days.

The Short Message is clearly the first salvo in Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill game series, and points to a larger story. In Silent Hill: The Short Message, players step into the shoes of Anita, a young woman who “comes to a decaying apartment block where it seems that some suicides have been committed” after following the messages of her deceased friend Maya.

To further enrich the story and satisfy the curiosity of players, Konami shared this week a total of five videos that focus on the development of the new installment of Silent Hill. The videos feature the presence of very important figures such as Haruka Sakaguchi, who plays the character Maya, and Motoi Okamoto, the producer and director of Silent Hill: The Short Message.

You can see all the development videos in this article, but be careful, because it has spoilers. If you haven’t played Silent Hill: The Short Message yet and have a PlayStation 5 in your possession, run to the PS Store.

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