Shocking: Employee Expects Company to Pay for Brazil Vacation


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When you work for a company, you usually get certain benefits, and one of the most common is “paid vacations.” This means that you have days off where you don’t have to work, but you still get paid. However, one young man learned this the hard way.

The story was shared on the Radio Mandarina Formosa TikTok account by Guillermo, who is in charge of a factory. He told a funny anecdote about one of his employees who went on vacation to Brazil. According to Guillermo, the 20-year-old employee returned to work after a vacation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and proudly told his colleagues about his first plane trip and how much he enjoyed it.

The young man then went to Guillermo’s office with all the receipts for his expenses in Rio, including the flight, hostel, tours, and food. He thought that the company would cover all these expenses because he believed that “paid vacations” meant the company paid for everything.

Guillermo had to explain to the employee that “paid vacations” simply meant he would receive his normal salary despite not working, and that the company wouldn’t cover all his expenses. The young man was visibly surprised and admitted that he thought the company would pay for everything, and he even tried not to spend too much to avoid making the company pay too much.

The video of this situation went viral on TikTok, with many internet users joking about it and questioning how the young man didn’t know that “paid vacations” didn’t mean the company would pay for his expenses. Some even commented that there is a need for more financial and labor education in schools.

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