Shocking Bank Error: Woman Finds $86 Million in Account


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A woman in Malaysia was surprised to find that her bank account had suddenly grown to over $86 million. Hafidzah Abdullah, the director and co-founder of a human resources company, discovered the unexpected increase when she checked her account at the end of the year. Her bank, Maybank, showed that she had more than 404 million ringgit, which is equivalent to $86.3 million. This was shocking for Abdullah, especially in a country where the average household income is about $22,000 a year.

To add to her surprise, Abdullah found that she was unable to access her money. She took to the social networking site LinkedIn to express her mix of amusement and annoyance. She wrote a post directed at Maybank, thanking them for making her banking experience memorable, but also expressing her frustration at the situation. Abdullah mentioned that she had to make several visits to a branch or endure long waits on the phone to contact customer service. She also humorously commented that “money can’t buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy frustration.”

Many people sympathized with Abdullah’s situation, with one person commenting that Maybank treats its customers like a ball, kicking them here and there. Another person wondered what was happening with banks in Malaysia. Eventually, the head of customer experience management at Maybank offered to help Abdullah, claiming that the issue had been resolved and she could now access her account.

Maybank later confirmed that the issue had been resolved and that it was not a system-wide problem. The bank assured that the customer’s account had not been compromised. Maybank is the fourth-largest bank in Southeast Asia and is based in Kuala Lumpur.

In conclusion, Abdullah’s surprising experience with her bank account highlights the importance of effective customer service and the need for banks to address and resolve issues promptly.

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