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Shakira’s relative would have suffered a robbery in his apartment

Shakira’s relative would have suffered a robbery in his apartment

A month ago, Shakira released the first images of how she lives in Miami, the Colombian singer’s stay in the emblematic city of Florida has been happy, since since she moved to the United States she has been seen at concerts, dinners , as well as enjoy your friends and family.

The composer even attended, last weekend, the art exhibition of her niece Isabella Mebarak. Despite the fact that things were going well in this new stage of her life, she has come out that the famous she is suffering her first adversity in the United States.

It turns out that, supposedly, the niece of the author of ‘Acrostic’ was the victim of a robbery, according to a publication by the GoFundMe platform in which help is requested to raise funds. Apparently, the profile was created in the name of Tarik Mebarak, Isabella’s brother.

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According to the journalist Orlando Segura, the plastic artist would have suffered a robbery in her apartment in Miami. This happened shortly after she exhibited her work at the event organized by Aura Copeland, founder of ‘Les Couleurs Miami Beach Magazine’, which Shakira attended.

Segura released the news on his Instagram profile in a clip, where he gave the details. In the GoFundMe profile, the situation was described, “An id@&t$ stole the most cherished possessions of my sister, Isabella. She had her iPad stolen, which is a key piece to her art work, and a phone,” her description reads.

In addition, in the message you can read that electronic devices are not the only thing that was stolen from Mebarak, since he also made sure that a bag was missing, which he indicated was expensive. According to the description inside this accessory, “There were expensive things like makeup.”

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On the other hand, according to Tarik, another of those affected was her little sister, since her makeup came inside the bag, which was described as expensive. “It wasn’t even Isa’s makeup. It belonged to my little sister, Nani.”

Finally, the message concludes by requesting people’s support, “Please donate what you can to help my sister get a new iPad, so she can continue her work and replace Nani’s makeup.”

In the publication, at no time is it mentioned that those affected are nieces of the famous singer. According to Orlando Segura, they do not want to involve her aunt because Isabella is an independent artist and that is how she wants to support herself.

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So far, the composer of ‘Where are the thieves’ has not spoken about it on any of her social networks. It is not known if she already knows what happened and has addressed it within her family.

According to Tarik Mebarak’s post, the goal is to raise $1,250. At the moment, 698 have been collected, corresponding to 25 donations. The profile was created on May 23.


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