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Shakira Spotted at Ex-Mother-in-Law’s House in Witchy Look

Shakira Spotted at Ex-Mother-in-Law’s House in Witchy Look

Shakira Leaves Witch Figure on Ex-In-Law’s Balcony:

The Spanish program ‘Más Vale Tarde’ recently shared images that show pop superstar Shakira had left a small witch-like figurine on the balcony of her ex-inlaws, Montserrat Bernabéu and Piqué, much to the latter’s mother’s distress. The figurine is evidently quite visible whenever Montserrat opens the window.

The pop icon’s history with estranged in-laws is quite complicated, as per reports. It is yet unsure whether the figure had been left out of spite or if it was a humourous gesture. However, it is true the the figurine accords a unique view outside the house.

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