Shakira reveals “beloved ex-mother-in-law” to Gerard Piqué’s mother


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Shakira’s New Photo with Ex-Mother-in-Law Sparks Controversy

Shakira recently shared a photo on social media with her “beloved ex-mother-in-law,” sparking controversy and raising questions about who she was referring to. The photo features Shakira posing with Inés Pertiné, the mother of her former partner, Antonio de la Rúa, with whom she had a 10-year relationship that ended in 2011.

This new photo comes a year after Shakira’s ‘Session 53’ with Bizarrap, in which she took a jab at her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, and his mother, Montserrat Bernabeu. In the song, Shakira expresses her feelings about being left with debt and the press at her door, while also empowering women to take control of their finances.

The new photo with Inés Pertiné is seen as a direct response to the strained relationship between Shakira and Piqué’s mother, who reportedly supported Piqué’s romance with Clara Chía, even serving as an ‘alibi’ for the couple’s meetings, despite knowing that Shakira was devastated.

The photo also features Gabriela, the ex-partner of Antonio’s brother, Aitor de la Rúa, and therefore, Shakira’s ex-sister-in-law. The affectionate manner in which they pose in the photo demonstrates the strong relationship Shakira maintains with her former ‘mother-in-law.’

This new photo is seen as a subtle dig at Piqué’s mother, highlighting the stark difference in the relationship Shakira has with Inés Pertiné compared to the strained relationship with Piqué’s mother. It’s clear that Shakira is making a statement about the support and love she continues to receive from her former partner’s family, despite the end of their romantic relationship.

Overall, this new photo has sparked controversy and raised questions about the dynamics of Shakira’s relationships with her ex-partner’s family members. It’s clear that Shakira is unafraid to express her feelings and make a statement through her actions, even when it comes to her relationships with her ex’s family.

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