Shakira at 47: New Albums, Series, and Miami Future


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Shakira’s 2023 was a huge success, but her 2024 schedule is unclear. She broke records with Bizarrap, had a hit with Karol G, and won a Video Music Award. She was also crowned one of the most important artists of the year. Now, she’s gearing up for the release of at least one album, possibly two. There are rumors that she may release two volumes, one solo and one with recent collaborations. Fans are already speculating about possible album names.

Shakira has also announced that she will be starring in a new series on Movistar+ called “Celeste.” The series is inspired by her legal battle with the Treasury and follows a tax inspector who is assigned to prove that a successful Latin singer, similar to Shakira, spends more than 184 days a year in Spain and must pay taxes there. The plot mirrors Shakira’s real-life legal troubles with the Treasury.

In 2024, Shakira moved from Barcelona to Miami, marking a definitive break with her past. She now lives in a luxurious mansion with her parents and children. Miami has become the backdrop for many of her activities, including socializing with celebrities and attending sports events.

Despite her legal battles and personal life changes, Shakira continues to be a force in the music industry and a beloved figure to her fans. She remains active in her career and personal life, and her fans eagerly await her upcoming album releases and new series.

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