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The State of Mexico, under the leadership of Delfina Gómez Álvarez, has made significant progress in implementing the Mujeres con Bienestar program. This program is designed to assist women between 18 and 64 years old who live in poverty. The program not only provides financial support for households, but also offers medical care services, psychological assistance, veterinary care, and life insurance and funeral expenses.

Currently, the program is in its second phase, which aims to expand registration to the 125 municipalities of the state. Once beneficiaries are accepted in the second stage, they must collect their program card according to the corresponding calendar in one of the attention modules of the Banco del Bienestar.

To clarify specific points, the program has made a telephone line available: 55 9370 0924. The process is scheduled to begin once the period for receiving and reviewing documents concludes, marking February 9 as the deadline for this period. To receive the card, those selected must present the Application Form, printed identification, and an updated voter ID card to verify their identity.

Beneficiaries who joined in the first phase of the program will receive advance payments, while new registrations must be completed before the electoral ban that begins on March 1 and ends on June 2. No additional resources or records will be delivered to the program during this interval.

The cards for the new members will be distributed between February 19 and 22, ensuring that all participants are duly registered and active before the electoral restriction period. The authorities seek to ensure that the benefits reach the participants on time, underlining the importance of complying with the deadlines established for the registration and activation of the benefit cards.

Given the proximity of important elections in June 2024, where Mexico will elect the successor of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and other government positions, the National Electoral Institute (INE) has marked an electoral ban period. This implies the suspension of social programs so as not to influence the popular vote.

In response, the Welfare Secretariat of the State of Mexico has announced the advance of payments for the Mujeres con Bienestar program, offering a total of 7,500 Mexican pesos for the first three two months of 2024 to those beneficiaries who already have the program card. It will not be necessary to show the Mexipase, only the social program card.

The program is open to Afro-Mexicans, residents in localities of high and very high marginalization, women with chronic degenerative diseases, people with permanent disabilities, victims of crimes, and repatriated individuals. These groups are encouraged to take advantage of the program’s benefits.

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