Sergio Ramírez Becomes Ecuador Citizen, Govt Announces

Sergio Ramírez advocates

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has offered nationality to Nicaraguan writer and dissident Sergio Ramírez, who was stripped of his nationality by the government of Daniel Ortega. Ramírez, who is currently in exile in Spain, accepted the offer gladly. Moreno expressed his admiration for Ramírez’s fight for freedom, which he said was the fight of every Latin American who loves their people. Colombia also offered Ramírez nationality.

The ceremony to deliver the nationality will take place in the near future. This news comes after the government of Nicaragua declared 94 exiled opponents “traitors to the homeland”, including Ramírez, and stripped them of their nationality. This was followed by the expulsion of 222 political prisoners to the United States.

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Ramírez is a symbol of stateless Nicaraguans and his acceptance of Ecuador’s offer is a sign of hope for those who are suffering under oppressive regimes in Latin America.


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