Senate Board reverses PP and PSOE’s salary increase deal after receiving monthly payment


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The president of the Senate, Pedro Rollán, and the secretary of Autonomous Policy of the PSOE and second vice president of the Senate, Guillermo Fernández Vara, were seen during a plenary session in the Senate on November 14, 2023, in Madrid, Spain. The Senate Regulations Commission has endorsed the reform proposed by the PP to delay the processing of the amnesty law proposal for up to two months, registered yesterday by the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies, in the Upper House, which has been approved definitively in today’s plenary session. In addition, the PP has included a section to oblige ministers to appear when requested by parliamentary groups.

The Senate Board has eliminated the salary increase for its members that was agreed upon by the PP and PSOE, relating to supplements for holding any position in the parliamentary committees of the Chamber and which ranged between 13% and 8%. As parliamentary sources have informed Europa Press, the members of the governing body of the Upper House have received the corresponding amount since the day this agreement was made, on December 5.

This decision came after the publication of a teletype from this agency in which it was stated that the members of the Senate Board would agree to add to their salary from now on the supplements for holding any position in the parliamentary committees of the Chamber, so your salary would increase between 13% and 8% – around 16,600 and 11,000 euros more gross per year. Until that day, the supplement for being a member of the Senate Board was incompatible with the supplement received by positions in the parliamentary committees of the Upper House, with the only exception of the president of the institution, who could receive both salaries.

However, the first vice president of the Senate, Javier Maroto, proposed at the Board meeting on December 5 to eliminate the incompatibility between the perceptions of complements for both positions. And the members of the Senate Board unanimously agreed, as recorded in the minutes of this meeting, consulted by Europa Press.

Now, the Senate Board has rectified this agreement of December 5 and reintroduces the incompatibility of receiving the supplement for belonging to this governing body of the Chamber with that of being a member of a parliamentary Commission. In any case, the members of PP and PSOE have received from their positions on the commissions what they were entitled to from the agreement of December 5 until the end of the year, approximately one month.

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